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Club History

The Housatonic Cairn Terrier Club (HCTC) was established and incorporated with the state of Connecticut in 1974. The primary goal of the club was the advancement of excellence in the breed. In pursuing this goal, a format was developed which offered opportunities for: development of new friendships, fellowship with old friends, sharing ideas, consultation on all aspects of breeding, grooming, showing and the like. From its inception in 1974, the HCTC has sponsored yearly matches. The first specialty after the Club's recognition as a point-giving club by the AKC was held in June of 1978. Since its inception, these Specialty matches were held with several area kennel clubs. In addition, recognition that involvement in the “dog world” is more than just the breed ring has prompted the club to offer trophies for obedience work at all of our Specialties.
The Club began with a membership of twenty-six. At this time, there is an active roster of members representing the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, most of who gather at regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. Small or large, the Club has always remained focused on and committed to its primary goal: the adherence to a standard of excellence in breeding and showing the Cairn Terrier. As a result of this commitment, members of the Club have attained many Group wins and placements, as well as a respectable number of Best in Show designations. Several members have also moved forward in Obedience training with their Cairns and have achieved honors in all classes.